Aram Res

Bin Qullander

magnify the eye

following blood

crack the blue

Nja Mahdaoui

Calligram on Parchment II
Indian ink and gold on parchment – 110×85 cm – 2005

Midoun I
Mixed media on linen canvas – 150x150cm – 2002/07

Midoun III     
Mixed media on linen canvas – 150x150cm – 2002/07

Royal Reception Pavilion of the King Abdulaziz International Airport
Golden brass mural sculpture  – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 1981

Vittore Baroni

THOUGHTS (under the skin)

Guillermo Deisler

Fernando Aguiar

three from the HOWL series

David Arnold

selections from PROPOSALS

Koji Nagai & Andrew Topel

excerpts from POETICS DANCING

Paula Hocks

shell game




from the book of sobbs


now a new language

thank you to karl kempton for sharing these images

Hiroshi Tanabu

water overflows

rain drop

to another space

snow-bearing wind-flying

water cannot drink the overflow

gaze into the distance

Patty Arnold

two from the calligraphy of walls


confucius two

five from phases

of the open

expected harm - mean time


 wildcard 1

wildcard 2

 four from land: marks

varicose lines

crop circle


line study