Ebon Heath

typographic ballet

What would it look like for us to shed our stories visually with the elegance of a couture gown and the abstraction of a exploding kinetic body sculpture?

This dream of fusing letters and bodies began over 10 years ago when my commercial graphic design work no longer fulfilled my restless creative voice. This project has been a passport leading me from my hometown New York to its first initial models in southern Spain, studying the Carnival culture of the Caribbean island of Trinidad with Peter Minshall, making jewelry in Dubai, to exhibits in London and Bali. This has always been a long term project that I imagined will take a lifetime, yet sometimes dreams come true sooner then expected. This process of finding solutions is an experimental workshop in learning and exploring possibilities of fusing storytelling, body movement, sculpture and performance. Trying such uncharted unique experiments can be quite risky since there are few points of comparison, yet from extensive research into kinetic sculpture, deconstructed laser fashion, mechanical engineering, and performance art a foundation has started to form.

A residency at the MADE space in Berlin, has made it possible to test these initial ideas with an army of collaborators, from bondage designers to choreographers, mc.s to journalists, all working together to create this visual narrative experience. This performance work is an ongoing work- shop that is more like the latest evolution of an elaborate experiment than having a finite ending performance.